Extra Virgin

Extra Virgin is an international term and refers to the highest quality of olive oil with free fatty acid content of less than 0.8% (laboratory analyses) and with no off flavours (judged by a tasting panel).

To produce Extra Virgin Olive oil – use healthy fruit and handle with care. Press the olives within 18-24 hours, using a cold extraction process. Air is the major cause of oxidation (causing rancidity in the oil) and is therefore enemy no.1 to a quality oil.

Choose with confidence

The “Member of SA Olive” seal is the consumer’s guarantee that the producer complies:

  • 100% locally produced
  • Year of harvest is accurate
  • Has passed SA Olive organoleptic taste test
  • Produced in accordance with SA Olive Codes of Conduct and Practice, guarantees quality based on international standards
  • A Olive Code of Practice and the Seal guarantees honest and informative labelling