Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Vlok Blend Pouch 1Litre


2021 Harvest – shelf life up to Aug 2023

(shelf life of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 2 year)

The olive oil pouch protects the oil against light (light may cause off-flavours). Press the button of the tap, to release just the right amount of oil. When the tap is closed, all the oxygen is totally shut out. Exposure to oxygen may lead to rancidity (an off-flavour). A medium style oil, blended from Frantoio, Leccino and Coratina cultivars. Its attributes include green and ripe olive, almond, walnut, and fruity flavours.

Remember: All the above are intrinsic in this olive oil. Popular one for most people. Ideal for salads and cooking.


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Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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